What a hidden camera captured inside these livestock auctions

Every year, millions of cows, pigs, goats, sheep, and other animals are funneled through livestock markets on a stressful and terrorizing journey that often ends at the slaughterhouse. A new Mercy For Animals investigation at auctions in Mississippi reveals brutal violence at the hands of workers. Watch the video, then take action!

Source: www.mercyforanimals.org

GR:  Sale barn workers know the animals die soon. Respect gone, they hide their pity behind derision and brutality.  As the auction begins, the wide-eyed steers rush through the opened gate.  One falls and the young men laugh.  The old men study their shoes.

1 thought on “What a hidden camera captured inside these livestock auctions

  1. Okay, I couldn’t watch the video but I signed the petition and will spread the word. It’s bad enough that the animals are slaughtered–that’s an old argument though. What I really don’t understand is why these people beat on them. Are the people just so angry about their own lives that they need to “take it out” on something? They seriously need counseling…or meds.

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