Predator Derby Planned for Salmon, Idaho

Predator Derby

Photo: National Geographic

GR:  The BLM is proposing to issue a special 5-year, December 15 to January 15, recreation use permit for a predator derby to take place on public lands.  Up to 500 derby participants would have 3 days to kill gray wolves, coyotes, skunks, weasels, jackrabbits, raccoons, and starlings.  Killers would receive points for the animals they deliver to a judging station.  Please send comments to the BLM.

“The BLM has issued a “scoping letter” asking people to provide comments on the scope of what the BLM should consider in an Environmental Assessment they intend to conduct on the impacts of a proposed “predator derby” on the BLM lands surrounding the Salmon, Idaho area during the weekend of January 2-4, 2015.   The 15-day public comment period started on August 4th and will extend to August 18, 2014. The “predator derby” is being hosted by Idaho for Wildlife, the same outfit that held the coyote and wolf killing contest in Salmon last winter. Last year the derby was infiltrated by activists and a journalist, Christopher Ketcham, who wrote: How to Kill a Wolf | VICE United States.

Source:  Ken Cole, Wildlife News

Send comments before August 18, 2014:

Liz Townley
BLM Outdoor Recreation Planner


Salmon Field Office, Predator Derby Comments
1405 Hollipark Drive
Idaho Falls, Idaho 83467

To view the scoping letter and other materials click here.

Source:  Ken Cole, The Wildlife News


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