A World Without Elephants? Blame China

The planet’s elephant population is plummeting, and they may go extinct within the next 20 years, thanks in large part to China’s lust for ivory.

Source: www.thedailybeast.com

GR:  If we can’t protect the elephant from ourselves, light fades for all the thousands of species required for a healthy Earth ecosystem.

4 thoughts on “A World Without Elephants? Blame China

  1. Expecting our leaders and governments to stop the poachers is probably naïve. We are arming and funding anti-poaching militia, but these will probably be no more effective than the US war on drugs. The military approach may just increase illicit value and conflict. The US is now beginning to capitulate and legalize the drugs, but what is the analogous play for elephants? Just let them all go? How can we ever say that we were wrong to try to protect elephants? How will we work that into our cultural ethos? I wish I had more to offer than questions.

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  2. At least questins show we are concerned. I have a sincere desire that if enough people ask these questions we may be able to do something before its too late. Such beautiful and noble creatures. To see an elephant cry is heartbreaking – how can people kill them – fr ther tusks. Barbarism!



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