How will everything change under climate change?

Global Warming

Naomi Klein

Naomi Klein

In the second excerpt from the Introduction to This Changes Everything by Naomi Klein, the author calls the climate crisis a civilisational wake-up call to alter our economy, our lifestyles, now – before they get changed for us.  Source:

GR:  Unless you are a climate-change skeptic (and I hope there aren’t any left), you should read this.  We are running out of time to prevent the worst effects of global warming. Some experts believe that we have only two more years to make the necessary changes. After that, nature will force us to change.  In this excerpt from her book, Klein reviews the explanations for our failure to act on the warnings that scientists have been giving us, and argues that our free-market system is to blame.

SunsetDo we have only TWO YEARS to change our society? For a dozen years, I have focused on invasive species as the greatest danger to Earth ecosystems.  The acceleration of global warming has forced the invasives into second place.  It is quickly becoming a distant second.  We may have only 24 months to make some big changes.

From this point forward, I will emphasize news that relates to fossil fuel emissions, climate change, and global warming. There are good news sources on the Internet.  I’ve collected some of them into a Newsletter ( that will give you a place to start. I invite all of you to join efforts to deal with global warming on the Internet and in the streets.  Hope to see you there.




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