Quantum physics, rainbow gravity, and my next novel

One of the biggest problems with quantum physics – apart from the way it attracts new age woo – is that it doesn’t reconcile with Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity. The two don’t meet when it comes to gravity. And so one of the major thrusts of physics since the 1940s has been to find that elusive ‘theory of everything.

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“Another possibility is that the ability of the LHC to make black holes could mean that a ‘parallel universe’ theory is right, and the Copenhagen intepretation isn’t the right explanation for the ‘quantum’ effects we’re seeing. This last is yet another explanation for quantum effects. By this argument what we’re seeing is not weirdness at all, but merely ‘jittering’ at very small scales where multiple universes overlap. These are not the ‘multiple universes’ that Hugh Everett theorised to follow quantum wave function collapse. They are normal Einsteinian universes, where particles are behaving in a perfectly ordinary manner. The math, again, can be made to work out – and actually was, last year, at Griffith University in Queensland, Australia.

“It also suggests that our friend Albert was right …again.”

Source: mjwrightnz.wordpress.com

GR: In my next novel, I’ve made three assumptions:  There are infinite normal Einsteinian universes, tangled particles can pass between the universes, and that with some limits the passage can be controlled. 

2 thoughts on “Quantum physics, rainbow gravity, and my next novel

  1. A fascinating hypothesis that should provide fertile ground for your new sci-fi novel. Cosmology was my first and best passion. As I looked through our planetarium’s telescope decades ago, my professor asked, “what do you see?” “Questions,” I replied, “endless questions.”

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