Wildfires burn up western North AmericaJuly 24, 2015 #Auspol #ClimateChange 

It will be interesting to see how far into fall the fire season extends.


While the summer can mean warm weather, swimsuits, and sunshine, it can also mean wildfire season for parts of North America. And so far, the 2015 wildfire season has been a damaging one across the Pacific Northwest, western Canada, and Alaska in June and July.
In the far north, Alaska’s 2015 wildfire season tally is already over 700 fires, ranking it ninth in history. (The typical fire season ends during August.) 

The fires have burned nearly 5 million acres, the fourth largest total already and only 200,000 acres away from #2 in the rankings. 

 For perspective, the state’s largest wildfire season on record, 2004, saw 6.5 million acres burned in 701 fires. This year is already at 708 fires which have burned or are burning around 4.8 million acres (numbers as of July 22 from Alaska’s division of Forestry). Fires have destroyed dozens of buildings, and several communities required partial…

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