Climate Change Is a National Security Problem. #Auspol 


President Obama’s announcement of a new Environmental Initiative is sure to reignite the climate change debate in the United States. Although 97% of scientists agree that global warming is real and caused by human activity, a Pew Research Poll conducted last fall showed that just 61% of Americans believe that there is “sold evidence that earth has been warming.” Breaking down those numbers further, 37% of Republicans and 79% of Democrats answered affirmatively to the question. Even fewer believed that global warming is a threat to the U.S., with just 48% of overall respondents recognizing the danger.
Why do nearly 40% of Americans (21% of Democrats and 63% of Republicans) still question the overwhelming scientific evidence behind global warming? Why do the majority of Americans fail to recognize the dangers? The media certainly has a major role to play in that the debate is often framed in a way that…

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