How climate change is spawning a new view of conservation

“Conservation has long been about protecting communities of plants and animals where they are. But climate change is leading to a nascent form of conservation that embraces change and seeks to provide a thriving stage on which it can happen.”  Sourced through from:

GR:  This attempt to preserve nature by preserving and linking topographic sites illustrates the common failure of ideas and programs to adapt to changing conditions.  The specific flaw here is that landforms have associated microclimates that are subsets of general climate.  With global warming and general climate change, the microclimates change.  Species assemblages that fit the microclimates must also change.  Unfortunately, the current, anthropogenic, change is too rapid for the migrations and adaptations required to keep the microclimates fully populated.  Thus, species decline and extinction becomes more frequent.

The Nature Conservancy should abandon this program and redirect efforts into cutting fossil-fuel emissions.  Current (2015) national pledges fall far short of the cuts required to save nature.  Any individual or organization concerned with conserving nature should try to give a boost to the cuts.


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