Response to Stephen Corry in Truthout criticizing parks and wildlands protection

Article by George Wuerthner (photograph).

“Stephen Corry is the founder and director of Survival International, an organization that seeks to protect tribal people’s rights. While a worthy goal, Corry, unfortunately, seeks to blame conservation for many of the ills facing tribal people, rather than recognizing that conservation is ultimately the best way to retain and protect native culture from the rapacious indulgences of modern industrial society.

“In his essay attacking the national park ideal, “The Colonial Origins of Conservation” [], Corry repeats factual errors of both omission and misinterpretation.

“Corry’s assertions align with a larger movement that seeks to denigrate conservation goals and ideals. These same misinterpretations now dominate many critiques of national parks coming from predominately politically left-leaning academics in fields like anthropology, history, and political science which celebrate humanity’s role on Earth. The arguments from this camp are often very similar to those in business and industry who advocate human control, exploitation, and domination of the Earth.

“Ironically, Corry starts his essay by asserting that “Many people root their attitudes and lives in narratives that they hold to be self-evidently true.” Yet he seems unaware of his guilt in this matter.”  Sourced through from:

GR:  Excellent article countering some of the flaws in the anthropocentric view of nature.  Recommended reading.


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