Why are Colorado wildlife biologists apologizing for the energy industry?

‘Just pointing fingers at the energy industry is not a helpful solution to this difficult issue’

FRISCO — “A recent study showing that energy development in northwest Colorado significantly affects wildlife habitat drew national attention, and a curious reaction from Colorado’s wildlife agency, which seemed to be apologizing on behalf of the energy industry.

“The study showed that the region’s dwindling mule deer population shies well away from active drilling, to a distance of at least 800 meters. Deer displayed more nuanced responses to other infrastructure, avoiding pads with active production and roads to a greater degree during the day than night.”  Sourced through Scoop.it from: summitcountyvoice.com

GR:  Deer and other wildlife are declining and yet the management plans for stopping the decline remain too sensitive to human desires to be effective.  Construction, livestock grazing, mining, logging, and recreation have to stop if we wish to save our animals and ecosystems.  Just say’in.


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