U.N.: Paris Climate Summit Pledges Won’t Avoid Warming

“The greenhouse gas emission cuts being pledged by the world’s nations will fall short of restricting global warming to 2°C, the U.N.’s climate chief and UK government sources have warned.

“A rise beyond 2°C, the internationally agreed safety limit, may push the climate beyond tipping points and into dangerous instability. The expected pledges are likely to limit temperature rises to about 3°C.

Photograph:  Carbon cuts pledged ahead of the Paris climate summit will not hold temperature rises to 2C, says the UN’s Christiana Figueres.
Credit: Charles Platiau/The Guardian

“But those negotiating towards a global agreement due to be settled in Paris in December remain upbeat. The current pledges would avoid a catastrophic rise of 5°C that would ensue if no emissions cuts were made, and the agreement is expected to contain measures to ratchet up emissions cuts in future years.”

Sourced through Scoop.it from: www.climatecentral.org

As pointed out earlier, “this is physics you idiots, you can’t negotiate with it.”


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