Sage grouse plan aims for balance between industry, wildlife

A cooperative effort to save a ground-dwelling bird has diverted it from possible extinction, federal officials declared Tuesday, as they sought to safeguard the habitat of a declining species while maintaining key pieces of the American West’s economy—oil and gas drilling and ranching.

The Obama administration said the greater sage grouse does not require Endangered Species Act protections, walking a fine line with its assertion that economic development and preservation can coexist across the bird’s 11-state range.

But critics from each side of the political spectrum quickly denounced the move, concentrating on new plans signed in conjunction with the decision that will guide the use of 67 million acres of public lands.

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GR:  Bit by bit we use and destroy wildlife habitat while wearing the mask of sustainability.  This U. S. government decision leaves the birds in jeopardy.  Even that is not enough for the human harvesters that want to use the land to make a profit.

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3 thoughts on “Sage grouse plan aims for balance between industry, wildlife

  1. All this does is safeguard oil and gas interests. Striking “a balance” between oil and gas interests and sage grouse is like striking a balance between T-rex and a mouse. It is nonsense. Humans rule the planet. You’d think we could make a decent effort to actually protect at least the most endangered species, if not the rest of wildlife and their habitats. Why do we have an Endangered Species Act if it doesn’t protect endangered species? What is needed is a life-oriented economy, not the death-based fossil fuel economy that we currently have, which harms all life, including the planet, the animals, and ourselves.

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