Climate: Study tracks loss of biodiversity near melting Antarctic glaciers

“A series of research dives around the Antarctic Peninsula suggest that melting glaciers are diminishing the region’s biodiversity. Scientists think the main cause may be increased levels of sediment in the water.
“Over the past five decades, temperatures have risen nearly five times as rapidly on the western Antarctic Peninsula than the global average. Yet the impacts of the resulting retreat of glaciers on bottom-dwelling organisms remain unclear.”  More at:

GR:  This could be titled Chronicling Earth’s demise: . . ..  Unlike the medical report on the progress of a fatal disease, however, there may be no one to read the chronicle of our planetary disaster.  Most people already know our climate system is failing, so the educational value is small.  Should we make these records to give insight to alien archaeologists who want to understand what happened to our planet?  Or should we spend our energy trying to stop the change?


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