Choking air, melting glaciers: how global warming is changing India

Globally, India is the third largest carbon-emitting country—though its per capita emissions are only one third of the international average—according to the World Resources Institute.

In its action plan for the Paris COP21 meet, India pledges to reduce its carbon intensity—a measure of a country’s emissions relative to its economic output—by 35% by 2030.  From:

GR:  Taking a long view of developments in India, one can see that from a bright beginning in 1950, the country has descended through failure after failure. Population control has failed, living standards (health and wealth) are extremely imbalanced, and wildlife and its habitats are disappearing. As climate change adds to the other human impacts, farming will fall farther and farther behind the needs of the swelling population. By 2040 or so when emigration becomes necessary, Europe, Russia, and China will have become fortresses. Where will the people go?  And we have to ask, was it all worth it?  Did the urge to reproduce have to be satisfied at the cost of all else?

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