Canadians back bold climate-change action, poll finds

“Prime Minister Justin Trudeau heads to global climate talks in Paris with a new pledge of billions for the cause and a call for a strong international agreement, promising to follow up with a domestic plan with the provinces – and a new poll suggests that is probably in line with what Canadians want.

“At the Commonwealth summit in Malta on Thursday, Mr. Trudeau grabbed a little attention by announcing that Canada will put $2.65-billion over five years into climate-change funds for developing countries – a doubling of previous funding. He announced it behind closed doors to fellow leaders with some flourish, according to aides: “I’m here today not just to say Canada’s back but to show it,” they quoted him as saying.”  From:

GR:  It’s such a relief to see the changed administration in Canada.  Analogical to wisdom appearing in time to turn away from the cliff. Now we most hope that Trudeau can implement James Hansen’s fee-based plan or some other genuine system to cut emissions.

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