Psychological Reality Equals Orphaned Bear cubs

Featured Image -- 10557Killing bears to reduce a risk for humans is a horrible plan in this time of nature’s crisis; a crisis we have produced. Use well-known common sense to avoid the risk while working to maintain a healthy ecosystem that must include bears.

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<> Psychological Reality Equals Orphaned Bear Cubs

Posted: 27 Nov 2015 07:22 AM PST

Bear Cub <> © John Buie

In animal protection work, rule number one to successful resolution of any animal abuse issue is this: be right! Be correct and accurate in what you say and back it up as well as you can with objective, science-based documentation. Pay due attention to, and address, the rationales given for the abuse, whatever they are, and separate fact from fiction from speculation from what one might wish. But, always remember that facts are not enough; being right is a necessary foundation (but not enough to win the day).

As I alluded to <> last week, that is just not enough. And, no issue better illustrates this frustration than the Ontario spring bear…

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