A Generation of Delay: Climate Policy Is 20 Years Behind in CO2 Removal Policy

“The perceived debate on climate change has discredited traditional climate science communications to such an extent that we are just now implementing policies developed during the Kyoto Protocol era that began in 1992. New climate science knowledge is simply not making it out of academia and into public policy. One of the biggest examples is the 2013 Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report telling us strong negative emissions (removing more carbon dioxide from the atmosphere than we emit every year) are now required.”  From: www.truth-out.org

GR:  We have the technology to remove CO2 from the atmosphere.  We need to get started.  Considering the “suicidal” nature of the build-up of CO2, the costs of removal are really not a problem. However, we must also cut emissions, and we must not relent on our efforts to do so.

4 thoughts on “A Generation of Delay: Climate Policy Is 20 Years Behind in CO2 Removal Policy

  1. It’s weird reading about the talks in Paris vs. the talks in the US Congress. While the rest of the world debates what to do about climate change, the United States is still debating whether or not the problem exists.

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