Decline of Tropical Animals Could Hasten Climate Change

“Hunting and poaching threatens 19 percent of all tropical forest vertebrates, with large vertebrates, including frugivores, disproportionately favored by hunters, the study says. As the frugivore population declines — a process called “defaunation” — fewer seeds of carbon-dense trees are spread throughout the forest, study co-author Mauro Galetti, a Sao Paulo State University ecologist, said.

“The result is a new forest dominated by smaller trees with milder woods which stock less carbon,” study lead author Carolina Bello, a Sao Paulo State University PhD student, said in a statement.”  From:

GR:  It seems common sense that wildlife loss injures ecosystems and that impaired ecosystems sequester less carbon.  It also seems common sense that defaunation is a lawless species’ evil act as horrendous as genocide.


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