Forest Services tries to cover its tracks on Wolf Creek

It is not surprising that the U. S. Forest Service sided with a wealthy developer rather than with the resource and the public. Are we angry yet?

Summit County Citizens Voice

saf A controversial plan to develop private real estate near Wolf Creek Ski Area is on hold for now.

Paper trail shows agency hid and likely destroyed records related to controversial development proposal in Colorado’s San Juan Mountains

Staff Report

Environmental and community activists opposed to a massive real estate development in southern Colorado say they have new evidence that the U.S. Forest Service tried to cover up how political influence tainted several steps of the approval process for the project.

A review of more than 60,000 pages documents obtained under a Freedom of Information Act request and a subsequent court order shows that the Forest Service deliberately concealed and destroyed records related to the Village at Wolf Creek development project.

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2 thoughts on “Forest Services tries to cover its tracks on Wolf Creek

  1. A grazing and logging service. People are shortsighted when it comes to acquisition of money and power. With only modest understanding of their surroundings, the consequences of their actions, and the expected future conditions, they follow their emotions, their fear and their appetite. They gather material wealth and they procreate. Sentience without wisdom (i.e. intelligence) was such a big fat evolutionary blunder.



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