Welcome to the Renewable Energy Renaissance — Fight to End Fossil Fuel Burning is Now On

“Nevada Monopoly Fossil Fuels vs Solar Fight Goes National

“An example of this struggle in microcosm took place during December through January of 2015 in Nevada. Emboldened by similar decisions in Arizona, monopoly utilities moved to protect their carbon-polluting infrastructures by pushing the state government (made up of a majority of republicans to include the governor — Sandoval) to impose restrictive fees on solar energy use throughout the state. Targeting rooftop solar energy systems, the Nevada Public Utilities Commission (PUCN — also made up entirely of republicans) voted to, across the board, increase costs for rooftop solar users by both slashing incentives and imposing draconian fees. The decision negatively impacted 12,000 current solar customers using rooftop power to include families, schools and even public libraries.”  From: robertscribbler.com

GR:  In this war, powerless individuals are facing powerful business-backed governments. Our avaricious nature has brought us to this pass, but now that we’re here, we’re probably going to have to change our habits and take action.  In this post, Robert Scribbler, provides some strategic insight.


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