Help save Britain’s seas from governments who make a mockery of marine conservation | George Monbiot

“Governments take the advice they want to hear. As they seek to avoid trouble and find the path of least resistance, they often look for advice that meshes with the demands of industrial lobbyists.

“This problem has afflicted the life of the sea for many years. Governments consult the scientists who tell them that high catches of fish are sustainable, and ignore more cautious assessments. This allows them to get the fishing lobby off their backs, while claiming to have based their decisions on science. Bad advice from scientists and selective hearing by government were among the factors that led to the collapse of the Grand Banks cod fishery off Newfoundland.

“One of the most destructive industries humankind has developed is scallop dredging. Scallop dredges are rakes with long steel teeth that are towed over the seafloor, ripping out not only scallops, but also much of the life and structure of the seabed. They have wrecked habitats all around our coasts.”

GR:  Monbiot begins by pointing out that governments act on behalf of commercial interests.  It’s the same everywhere.  Elected to public office, humans gain power and enter the society of the powerful.  They become friends with industry and development.  Do people with the moral strength to refuse this transformation avoid politics, or are there just too few that have the strength to fill the available government posts?

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