Clinton and Sanders on Fracking

Fracking Leadership

The fracking process for squeezing oil out of the Earth’s crust is the most destructive and polluting mining processes used to obtain oil.  Since we must stop using oil, not add to our supply, there is nothing to recommend fracking.  Yet, the U. S. government and many other governments continue to allow existing and new fracking sites to operate.  Climate scientists just declared that the Earth has entered a state of emergency. We must do something to stop our greenhouse gas emissions, and stopping fracking is an important step.  The following video makes it clear which candidate for the U. S. presidency is on the side of the Earth and the future of nature and the human species.

“Democratic presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders gave vastly different answers on fracking at the CNN Democratic debate on Sunday, illustrating a key policy contrast between the two.”  This link will take you to a transcript of the video remarks.

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