Urban population growth and demand for food could spark global unrest, study shows

A population explosion in urban center around the world is expected to fuel an unprecedented demand for food that – if not met — could trigger economic. . . . (From: www.latimes.com).

GR:  Joe Bish of the Population Media Center commented on the LA Times article:
“The following article was published by the L.A. Times late last week, and reports out on a new report titled “Growing Food for Growing Cities: Transforming Food Systems in an Urbanizing World.” This lengthy study was issued by The Chicago Council on Global Affairs, and weighs in at around 100 pages. The report continually cites population growth as a major factor in pressuring food supply chains. For example: “Explosive population growth, both rural and urban, will require 50 to 60 percent increases in global food production by 2050 in order to meet projected demand,” says the introduction. Overall, the word population is mentioned 67 times. Unsurprisingly, but nonetheless regrettably, the report fails to offer a shred of advice to policy makers regarding family planning information and services or universal, unrestricted access to modern contraception. The report’s priority recommendation is for the US government to “Pass legislation committing the United States to a long-term global food and nutrition security strategy.” This would have been a perfect spot to share and emphasize best-practice interventions on family planning. The key question about the failure to do so may be whether it was a failure of the report’s author — or the failure of population advocates and communicators to effectively and widely engage professional experts outside our silo?”

1 thought on “Urban population growth and demand for food could spark global unrest, study shows

  1. It sounds to me that it’s likely the Chicago Council on Global Affairs is more interested in geopolitical strategies related to national security – an issue that can easily devolve into police state tactics and the like – than survival of the species.

    We need to look at our current predicament as an international security issue, not a national security issue. It’s a matter of evolving to a more cooperative society as opposed to staying stuck in the suicidal mindset of competition that allowed Capitalism to become the dominant belief system it is today.

    Thanks for an excellent post.



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