Discover how UNEP is setting the global environmental agenda in its annual report #UNEP2015

United Nations Environment Programme.  From:

GR:  The loftiest goals, the finest presentation, for the glossiest oxymoron: “sustainable development”. We must keep in mind that population control is the key issue. Population control is not mentioned in the UNEP Annual Report, and in fact, most of the sustainable development goals will increase population. It is an artful deception to praise development for its contributions to humans and nature. Development is the term used to describe human use of the Earth.  It encompasses all those things we do that have led to overpopulation and overuse.  The whole plethora of processes it involves must be ended or reversed now if we are to save the majority of wild plants and animals.  I say “must” for it seems to me that without nature’s complexity, our environment and our existence become tedious and tenuous.


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