Scientists Turn Carbon Dioxide Emissions to Stone | Climate Central

GR:  Carbon collects on basalt at the surface in just a few years, so why not underground.  Of course, the drilling and pumping might be as problematic as fracking.  Moreover, we have to be careful that the fossil fuel industry doesn’t see this as an excuse to continue destructive mining and burning.

Chemical engineer Magnus Thor Arnarson, Columbia University hydrologist Martin Stute and CarbFix project manager Edda Sif Aradottir inspect the CarbFix site, where carbon dioxide is injected 2,000 meters underground. Credit: Columbia University

By Bobby Magill–For the first time, carbon dioxide emissions from an electric power plant have been captured, pumped underground and solidified — the first step toward safe carbon capture and storage, according to a paper published Thursday in the journal Science.“This opens another door for getting rid of carbon dioxide or storing carbon dioxide in the subsurface that really wasn’t seen as a serious alternative in the past,” said study co-author Martin Stute, a hydrologist at the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory at Columbia University in New York.

Source: Scientists Turn Carbon Dioxide Emissions to Stone | Climate Central


2 thoughts on “Scientists Turn Carbon Dioxide Emissions to Stone | Climate Central

  1. As much as I like technology, I’m very skeptical of industrial solutions to climate change. The problem isn’t technologically removing greenhouse gases from the atmosphere, it is stopping those anthropogenic emissions in the first place. The best, and possibly only, solution is a massive economic transition to clean energy combined with a re-greening of the planet.

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