Too Flawed — “Too Few and Too Many: The Looming Population Crisis”

Joe Bish, Population Media Center:  “The following blog post, authored by the president of the World Policy Institute at Loyola Marymount University, Michael A. Genovese, is a curious mishmash. While recognizing the malign pressure a woefully over-sized human population is putting on the Earth system, Mr. Genovese is also stuck, unimaginatively, on the “aging population fear” treadmill at the national level.

“As such, adopting the mantra of “Too Many, Too Few”, Mr. Genovese predictably hatches plans for remedial migration to sustain the unsustainable economies of the western nations. As for the rapidly growing undeveloped nations of the world, he offers a one sentence endorsement of “increasing access to and education on birth control”. All in all, the essay can probably be categorized as well-intended, but I am guessing you will agree the final product is disappointing. (The author also seems to mis-characterize the TFR’s of India and the Philippines.)

“NOTE: When it comes to disappointing population related content, many of you may have seen the outrageously daft publication from The Guardian on Sunday, June 12, titled “The Eco Guide to Population Growth.” I decided that anymore than two sentences covering this spectacle would be a waste of time, but if you want to see how mass media can obfuscate and mislead on crucial issues, click here.”  [GR:  The link is for my post on the “Eco Guide.”  The article below covers the “aging workforce” justification for increasing population.  My post covered another of the homocentric justifications:  A growing population is more likely to pop out a genius who will solve all our problems.]

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1 thought on “Too Flawed — “Too Few and Too Many: The Looming Population Crisis”

  1. Another great post.

    It sounds as if the World Policy Institute (like Henry Kissinger and friends) is concerned with the population of other (especially darker-skinned) nations to cut down on competition in controlling access to the planet’s resources.

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