Losing Earth & Hothouse Earth

Flash Droughts Are Becoming More Common.

I wanted to bookmark two well-written articles on climate change that contain useful information. Nothing better than a blog post for making a record.

Here is a link to download Trajectories of the Earth System in the Anthropocene. The article describes the apocalypse that will probably occur if Earth warms by two degrees Celsius.

“Our study suggests that human-induced global warming of two degrees Celsius may trigger other Earth system processes, often called “feedbacks,” that can drive further warming – even if we stop emitting greenhouse gases,” –Will Steffen, lead author of the study published in the journal PNAS.

The article is catching lots of attention, but not as much as the Sunday NY Times article by Nathaniel Rich. All the major news media are discussing that article: Losing Earth; the Decade We Almost Stopped Climate Change.

“Like most human questions, the carbon-dioxide question will come down to fear. At some point, the fears of young people will overwhelm the fears of the old. Some time after that, the young will amass enough power to act. It will be too late to avoid some catastrophes, but perhaps not others” — Nathaniel Rich, NYT.

Reading Losing Earth followed by Trajectories provides excellent context for the need for climate action.

8 thoughts on “Losing Earth & Hothouse Earth

  1. Yes, the articles show the need for “climate action,” but no, there is not the slightest mechanism available or posited in these articles to even start the world-wide shift.
    Wait, CFCs, right! Montreal Protocol, right?
    How many of us run our cars on deodorant? How many of us 7 billion have houses full of deodorant-derived things and foods and deodorant-supplied heat and cooling? How many of our lives and jobs and finances and histories are or were completely deodorant-dependent? One easily-replaced industrial ingredient does not serve as anything but baleful commentary on the insurmountable enormity of the fossil fuel catastrophe.
    You are certainly welcome to keep hope alive, but the photos in the Rich NYT article were profound.

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  2. Notabilia, you are right. No actions stated because there are none that would be effective. Admitting to giving up hope is difficult. Perhaps we can begin to hope some life survives so that evolution can rebuild one day. Let the implications of that fulfil our responsibility to warn.

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  3. Never in my wildest future dreams did I think my own children — 24 y/o daughter and 17 y/o son — would be confronting this global crisis, much less my GRAND children for goodness sake!!! Ten, twenty years ago they were saying 2050 – 2060(?) we’d be in a serious desparate crisis. Geeeezzzz, I can’t (but I can) understand the rampant ignorance about this possible/probable Extinction Event!!! 😲😩

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  4. Guy McPherson (Emeritus U of AZ) keeps coming up with new reasons to expect extinction of the human species. I keep hoping that we experience a ‘better-case scenario’ in which our children can survive.

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