As Extinction Looms, Elephants DC Calls for Tighter International Controls To Protect Elephants

WASHINGTON DC — “Elephants DC advocated for tighter legal controls to protect elephants on Saturday, Nov. 14 in America’s capitol city. At a two-day conference on international law and wildlife wel…”  More at:

GR:  Perhaps everyone in the U. S. should donate their ivory collection to China. We could set up a distribution center that would require a shipping fee and a small handling fee. That would destroy the poaching industry.


British Museum’s ivory icons denied US entry for loan show
1 July 2015

The US Fish and Wildlife Service blocked the importation of six Byzantine ivory pieces due to come to the US on a loan from the British Museum for the travelling exhibition Saints and Dragons: Icons from Byzantium to Russia. The show, currently on view at the Museum of Russian Icons in Clinton, Massachusetts and due to travel to the Chrysler Museum of Art in Norfolk, Virginia, this autumn, centres on icons that are normally hidden away in storage at the London museum.

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GR:  Perhaps historically and artistically important ivory artifacts should be duplicated and then destroyed.

Last Days for Rhinos and Elephants

Purchases of small trinkets support organized crime and wipe elephants from the face of the Earth forever.

Fight for Rhinos

This extraordinary video puts the killing of our elephants and rhinos into perspective. Ultimately it all starts or stops with YOU as the consumer. Please watch and share.

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The WWFs report on the shockingly rapid decline in wildlife should surely move us to action | Michelle Nijhuis

We must all take responsibility for combating climate change.


GR:  This will not happen. First, the few that profit from the industries causing the problems feel insulated and protected from the consequences.  Second, the governments and political leaders hope the wealthy will give them enough of the wealth to achieve the same protection.

Ricky Gervais calls for public to hand in ivory and other wildlife products

 GR:  Since politicians can’t oppose profit-making in any industry, leadership must come from other sectors of society.  The actor and comedian Ricky Gervais has earned our gratitude. 

“Ricky Gervais has asked people to hand in wildlife products they may have at home, such as ivory carvings, to help tackle the illegal wildlife trade.

“The comedian’s call is in support of a drive by the Metropolitan police to encourage Londoners to donate unwanted wildlife items such as rhino horn and big cat furs, in a move the force’s wildlife crime unit believes will raise awareness of the problem.

“The illegal wildlife trade has been estimated at being worth $7-23bn annually, leading to over 20,000 African elephants being killed by poachers each year and the number of rhinos killed in South Africa in 2013 jumping by 50% on the year before.

“Officials of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species are meeting in Geneva this week to discuss plans to stem the illegal wildlife trade. In February, 46 countries met in London and signed a declaration to tackle the trade.

A Critical Petition to Sanction Thailand for Ivory Trafficking

elephant poaching in Kenya

Please click and sign the petition now.

“Poachers just shot one of the world’s largest elephants, Satao, then hacked his 100 pound tusks out of his face with a machete. At the current rate of killing, elephants may be extinct in 15 years, but this week if we act now we have an amazing chance to crack down on the illegal trade that fuels the slaughter.

“Each day, 50 regal elephants are butchered just to make dinky ivory trinkets! The main culprit for this carnage is Thailand — the fastest growing market for unregulated ivory. And tomorrow the international body created to protect endangered species has a chance to sanction Thailand until it cracks down on the elephant killers. Experts fear Thai leaders are mounting a propaganda campaign to dodge penalties, but it just takes Europe and the US to ignore their noise and spearhead action to end the slaughter.

“Let’s give key European delegates, and the US, the global call they need to tune out Thailand and bravely lead the world to save the elephants. A final decision could be made tomorrow, so we have no time to lose — sign the petition, then send a message to the EU Environment Commissioner.”

Smuggled elephant ivory price triples

The price of ivory taken from African elephants slaughtered for their tusks has tripled in the past four years in China, the world’s biggest market, conservationists said on Thursday.


GR:  Are the people of the world going to allow simple materialistic urges to wipe out such magnificent creatures?  International negotiations have failed.  What’s next?  Must the nation homes of the elephant declare war on China and other countries that will not take action to protect elephants?  Of course, those nation homes can’t even outlaw ivory, and if China did ban imports, the price would simply explode.  Can it truly be that each grinning, clapping little character gloating over his piece of ivory has absolutely no concern for elephants?

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Police Nab 230 Elephant Tusks In Mombasa

“Police in Mombasa today morning impounded ivory worth millions of shillings.The ivory, which consisted of some 230 pieces of elephant tasks weighing three tonnes were found in a motor vehicle yard in Tudor estate.

“Police, who were acting on a tip-off, conducted a night operation which saw the manger of the yard Abdulkalim Sadiq, arrested. Mombasa police boss Geoffrey Mayiek, who led the operation, said the consignment was packed in sacks ready for shipment out of the country via the Mombasa port.

“Police and Kenya Wildlife Services officers suspect the tusks were from at least 114 elephants from different national parks in the country including the Tsavo national park.”

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