Does salvage logging make things better or worse?

When a serious wildfire rips through a forest, it has a tendency to kill nearly all the trees in its path. Then come the logging companies. On one hand, to log a burned forest makes a good deal of sense.  Source:

GR:  Logging is bad for forests.  It removes large trees that provide essential wildlife habitat, it destroys soil microorganisms, it spreads invasive species, and it decreases water absorption.  Forest stability and biodiversity decline.  Logging after fires is an even greater insult to the Earth as it further reduces forest recovery rates and accelerates erosion and flooding.  President Theodore Roosevelt established the U. S. Forest Service to control the impacts, but special interests working through Congress, quickly turned the agency into a tool of the harvesters.  Like our other public land agencies, the U. S. Forest Service is primarily a benefactor of the commercial logging industry.  Forestry is another of the sciences that are causing the massive decline in Earth’s wildlife.