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“Whether you view wildlife as a resource or an elemental responsibility of our very humanity, it is under threat. And nowhere is this threat more evident than across the grasslands and forests of Africa where iconic species such as Elephant and Rhino are under threat.
This threat is intensifying as African development stutters, populations grow and Asian demand increases. The result of these factors and modern communications is a new type of organized crime that connects this demand to communities surrounding parks and reserves.
Attention is needed at the market end of this chain and in the middle sections of transit. The new UAV technologies however presents a very real and immediate opportunity to tackle this problem at the source. Bathawk Recon is a practical focused tool to do just that.”


GR:  This private start-up company is offering wildlife monitoring services aimed at preserving African wildlife.  As clearly stated on the website, monitoring is only one part of a complex problem.  Let’s offer what support we can, and hope the company succeeds.  We need more businesses that contribute to general goals.

10,000 Elephants : Poaching Crisis Out Of Control

10,000 elephants…that’s how many elephants have been slaughtered in just one African nation in 2013 to feed China’s greed and ivory lust. That’s nearly 30 elephants killed each day. According to the EIA (Environmental Investigation Agency), Tanzania…


This article includes ways to get involved.

Chain-Free Elephant Volunteer Program 2015

GR:  Like elephants and want to visit Nepal? This might be just for you.

Build Chain-free Corrals in Nepal~Unshackle 32 Elephants
A life-changing experience—for you and the elephants!
Project overview

Elephant Aid International’s (EAI) Free the Elephants Volunteer Project is the perfect opportunity for you to get involved with a truly groundbreaking project that will forever change the way in which Nepal’s working elephants are housed, treated and managed.

As a participant, you’ll join a team of hard-working volunteers whose mission it is to successfully complete Phase Two of EAI’s “Chain Free Means Pain Free” Project in Nepal—building chain-free corrals in Chitwan National Park and releasing 32 elephants from leg chains…forever!

You’ll work in concert with EAI Founder and President Carol Buckley.  Best of all, you’ll have the opportunity to witness first-hand as the elephants experience their first joyous moments of freedom from leg chains—an event you’ll help create and one you’ll never forget!


The WWFs report on the shockingly rapid decline in wildlife should surely move us to action | Michelle Nijhuis

We must all take responsibility for combating climate change.


GR:  This will not happen. First, the few that profit from the industries causing the problems feel insulated and protected from the consequences.  Second, the governments and political leaders hope the wealthy will give them enough of the wealth to achieve the same protection.