Legislative moves to give public lands to the states advance despite little evidence of public support

“All of the Western states except Montana now entertain bills to take the public lands from the United States and give, transfer or take them for the individual states. Some Republicans in Congress are trying to get the proposed redistribution of land going by means of the annual budget process.

“This is happening despite increased support by the general public for keeping the U.S. public lands safe for all Americans.”

Source: www.thewildlifenews.com

GR:  State lands always wind up for sale to the highest bidder. Giving the states ownership of our public lands guarantees that they will be developed for profit without regard for air, water, soil, wildlife, or human society.

Gulf of Mexico Dead Zone Now the Size of Connecticut

Source: donlichterman.wordpress.com

“We Need To Move Away From allowing these private oil companies to continue the Drilling In OUR Oceans (I assume Everyone Gets that our Gulf’s and Sea’s are part of what our the “Oceans” BTW).

“The BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is mostly to blame for the dead zone’s growing size in the Gulf. Scientists now say that the dead zone is the size of Connecticut – a startling 5,052 square miles. The dead zone started forming, though, in our own backyards.

“How do we contribute to the dead zone? Phosphorous and nitrogen fertilizers, pesticides, and other chemicals that we use to encourage plant growth wash into rivers and streams. Streams and rivers drain into the Mississippi River, and then flow into the Gulf of Mexico. The freshwater of the Mississippi then floats on top of the sea-water, keeping oxygen from the atmosphere from getting into the deeper sea waters.”

Source: donlichterman.wordpress.com

GR:  Cleaning up environmental disasters such as this is the responsibility of the companies involved.  Why don’t businesses feel any responsibility for harm caused by their actions?  How did we ever let the companies take control of our government to the extent that the two collude to destroy our environment?