We can no longer ignore the damage factory meat production is causing to our drinking water

GR:  With meat demand rising, biodiversity sinking, and water resources disappearing, it’s time to quit eating meat.

“In London, back in 2013, the world’s first stem cell burger was tasted by its inventor and two volunteers in front of more than 200 journalists and guests. This burger was made from ‘cultured beef,’ which is grown in Petrie dishes using the stem cells of a cow. It was grown in three months and took a budget of $330,000. Lab-grown beef might seem like a pretty creepy, science fiction, futuristic-like project, but Dr. Mark Post of Maastricht University didn’t make his burger just for fun. He also didn’t do it to give the world’s vegans and vegetarians another option.

“Dr. Post was thinking about our inevitable future as a species. His cultured beef burger is meant to serve as a logical solution to the world’s addiction to factory-grown meat, which is about to reach its peak. The way we produce meat globally is unsustainable and posing a serious risk to our water, our air, our health and the possibility that humans will continue to remain a living species on this planet in the near future.

“Humans slaughter 3 billion animals worldwide for meat. The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations expects global meat consumption to rise by about 73% by 2050 to accommodate the 9.1 billion people who will be attempting to live on planet Earth at that point. However, the chances that humans will even be a thing in 2050 are looking pretty grim, and a big reason for that is our large-scale factory farming industry.

“Agricultural pollution is the largest source of water pollution in the world. Animals who are raised for food, in a confined space, consume more feed, and therefore, create more waste. According to the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, confined livestock generate 450 million tons of manure each year — that’s three times the amount of waste that American humans generate.

“Because everything is covered in raw shit at a factory farm, more water is required to wash it away. One hundred and fifty gallons of water, in fact. Per cow. Per freaking day. That’s a serious amount of clean water, especially when you consider that one cow is being slaughtered every 30 seconds at many of these operations. And it usually takes them 6 months to reach a typical ‘market weight’ of 1,200 pounds. So that’s about 13,500 gallons of water per the life of an average doomed cow — and that’s just to clean the place.” –Emma Thieme

Source: We can no longer ignore the damage factory meat production is causing to our drinking water – Matador Network

Why Humans Need Animal Rights

GarryRogersGarryRogers:  Kaufmann writes about both cruelty to farmed animals and the danger to human consumers.  He cites the common resistance to inconvenient facts as an important cause of animal neglect. He points out that the emotional impact of widespread cruelty to animals undermines efforts to harmonize human behavior with nature in matters such as climate change. I would add that there is also a great deal of simple ignorance at work. The ignorance is due to resistance to inconvenient facts, and it is due to simple lack of information. Most people today do not understand that animals are essential elements of Earth ecosystems upon which we humans depend for survival.  Acquiring this understanding leads to that most pragmatic of philosophies “The Land Ethic” (Leopold 1949). It also leads to respect for animals and their natural homes, leaving no room for animal cruelty and farming practices that produce harmful food products.

 Article By ,  OpEdNews.  “I want to focus on some more insidious and pernicious ways that harming animals in turn harms humans. The spirit of truth is among the first casualties. Those who mistreat nonhumans do their best to hide the facts. For example, seven states have passed “ag-gag” laws that make it a crime for people to photograph or videotape animal treatment in factory farms. That’s because, in addition to documenting widespread criminal cruelty to animals, undercover investigations have shown that “standard animal husbandry practices” (which are exempt from animal cruelty laws throughout the United States) involve systematic, institutionalized abuse of billions of farmed animals each year.

“Factory farmed animals experience unrelenting pain and misery from birth to death. (See, for example, www.mercyforanimals.org or “Meet Your Meat“. Even the small fraction of animals raised “humanely” still routinely suffer mutilations without pain relief, deprivation of many natural needs and desires, and violence and terror associated with transportation to and death in slaughterhouses.” Read more.


Tiger Day starts an Avaaz petition to close Chinese tiger farms

“No tiger cub deserves to be born into a life of suffering and eventually be killed for its fur, and other parts used for “chinese magic” or bogus potions.

“China is allowing the sale of captive-bred tiger skins and body parts. They are denying a UN agreement which calls for such trade to be banned. The conditions in these farms are horrible!Images appeared on in our mailbox showing deceased tigers from these camps. Our staff was shocked but decided to publish them. Warning, these images are not for the weak-hearted.

“Something needs to be done! There are just 3200 wild tigers living in the wild and over 5000 held captive in these tiger farms! These creatures deserve a worthy life and we want to give it to them. If we move as one, we can make a change! ”

Source: tigerday.org

GR:  During the past century we lost 97% of all wild tigers. Habitat loss and hunting eliminated 97,000 of the 100,000 tigers we had a century ago.  At this rate, all tigers living in the wild will be extinct in 10 years! Please sign the petition.

Undercover Exposé–Pigs Suffer and Die at Top Breeder

“This video was captured by a PETA investigator at a leading supplier to other pig meat companies of pig semen and the sows who are artificially inseminated to produce more pigs to be slaughtered. It is the first-ever undercover look at the very beginning of the lives of animals who become bacon, pork chops, and sausages.

Nothing More Than Numbers
These clever and sensitive animals, who animal behaviorists have found are smarter than dogs, are identified by having a tag punched through their ears and become just another number inside the factory. Here are just a few of their stories:

  • One pig, known simply as 112688, struggled to stand and had to drag his hind legs across the filthy floor. Day after day, this pig lay barely moving. He was not even put out of his misery. Instead, he was loaded onto a truck and hauled to slaughter.
  • Pigs 112105 and 113436 sustained injuries that….”

Source: secure.peta.org

They’re going to die anyway, right?

Repeal Law Criminalizing Reporting of Factory Farm Abuse

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Idaho lawmakers have created legislation that criminalizes the reporting of factory farm abuse. This gives workers the ability to mistreat animals without consequence or fear of accountability. Demand that this disgraceful law be repealed.


Garry Rogers insight:  Sign the petition.

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