CDFW celebrates “Endangered Species Day” as it hastens species extinction : Indybay

You just can’t make this stuff up – a government agency like the California Department of Fish and Wildlife “celebrating” National Endangered Species Day when it appears to be doing everything it can to benefit agribusiness and other corporate interests at the expense of endangered species, along with a host of fish and wildlife species not formally listed under the federal and state Endangered Species Acts!  Source:

GR:  Government hypocrisy?  It’s the money, of course.  Most politicians and many government employees seek public office for personal gain.  They do what they can to associate with money and influence.

Science And Journalism Groups Accuse EPA Of Stopping Science Advisers From Talking To Press

“The groups criticized the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) on Tuesday for limiting its independent scientific advisers from speaking directly to the press.

“The new policy undermines EPA’s efforts to increase transparency. It also contradicts the EPA’s new scientific integrity policy as well as the Science Advisory Board’s handbook,” the groups said in a letter sent to EPA head Gina McCarthy. “In addition, the new policy only reinforces any perception that the agency prioritizes message control over the ability of scientists who advise the agency to share their expertise with the public.”


GR:  Really nothing new here; just a reminder that our public servants always feel more comfortable when we don’t know what they are doing.