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Nature Conservation (NatCon) News reports information and issues for animals, plants, soils, and ecosystems daily.    Click an edition and if you like what you find, you can sign up for free.  Currently, only the morning edition is automatically delivered to your inbox.

Coverage:  The NatCon News global coverage includes information and issues for animals, plants, soils, and the ecosystems they form.

be006e79-7518-451d-b25d-393d8641a2a4General topics include animal protection and human impacts.  These topics cover many familiar subjects.  Human impact, for instance, includes climate change, habitat destruction, invasive species, resource harvest, and toxic pollution.  Each of these subjects has many issues and concerns.  Resource harvest, for instance, covers cattle grazing, farming, logging, mining, and water diversion.

Uncommon News

The NatCon News includes stories missed by mainstream media.  For instance, yesterday we covered a new report released Tuesday by the Department of Defense describing U. S. military preparations for dealing with climate change.  The report also describes DOD’s strategy for reducing greenhouse gasses responsible for the changes.

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There is no paid advertising on the NatCon News.  Individual stories may be continued on websites with advertising.

Nature Conservation Definition

The term, Nature Conservation, implies cataloging, protection, and maintenance of nature.  Curators do this work.  Nature’s curators are the field biologists, climatologists, geographers and private citizens that catalog and study the nature and condition of animals, plants, and ecosystems.

Become a Nature Curator

citizen naturalists 2Anyone can become a nature curator.  Citizen naturalist conservation projects are active at many locations, and there is valuable work that you can do independently in any place.


Use the comment field to tell me what you are working on or what you want to start.

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