Protect Arizona National Parks from Government Development

Target: President Barack Obama

Goal: Don’t allow federal security agencies to decimate national parks and wildlife refuges.

America’s beautiful protected lands could soon be opened up to development and deterioration in the name of national security, if legislation introduced by Senator John McCain becomes law. National security is important, but it does not have to jeopardize the security of our wildernesses. Demand that this bill be vetoed so that it can never put our environment at risk.

The “Arizona Borderland Protection and Preservation Act” is designed to degrade protections for national parks, wildlife refuges, national monuments, and other protected lands under the pretext of national security. The proposal would give the Department of Homeland Security’s Customs and Border Protection Agency (CBP) free reign to disregard environmental protections and operate in millions of acres of protected federal land in Arizona and California, and to develop infrastructure and bases to help its security operations there.  Source:

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