Greater sage-grouse face serious global warming threat

Greater sage-grouse may lose ground to global warming. Photo courtesy USGS.  Source:

GR:  Of course, the overwhelming threat to the sage-grouse and the other members of nature began with human development and progress.  The things we desired, warmth and safety, have filled the air with pollutants that are threatening all life, sage-grouse included.

Idaho Sage Grouse Decision Looms

Don’t Let Idaho Wolf Management Become a Distraction from Idaho’s Sage Grouse Management

Reblogged from article by Ken Cole in The Wildlife News

“With all of the horrible things happening in Idaho’s wolf management, it is hard to focus on other, perhaps more, important issues facing Idaho wildlife.  With a deadline of 2015 bearing down for the US Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) to make a decision about whether the greater sage grouse should receive protection under the Endangered Species Act, the BLM and US Forest Service are engaging in a process to update the land use plans that define objectives and future management for sage grouse on the respective BLM districts and National Forests.  What is happening now is a giant shell game that will result in further declines in sage grouse and their habitat. Continue reading