California’s Great White Sharks Need Our Help, Not Our Fear

About the Petition

The number of adult great whites swimming off our Pacific Coast is alarmingly low, and they are losing their pups to deadly gillnets. If something doesn’t change, they could disappear forever.

We shouldn’t be scared of sharks, we should be scared for them.

Great whites help keep the ocean food web healthy and stable as they hunt their prey. Our oceans need sharks. We’re petitioning the state of California to protect great whites as an endangered species. Please help us protect these iconic sharks — before it’s too late.


Please sign the petition.

Divers pull fishing hook from jaws of 6ft shark

A pair of amateur conservationists film themselves removing a fishing hook from a shark’s mouth off the coast of Jupiter, Florida


Humans need to recognize they have a great opportunity to care for nature.  We can assist rather than destroy plants, animals, and soils.  We are the only species that can do this, it needs doing, so let’s do it.  Thanks to Cameron Nimmo and Mickey Smith for their contribution.

People Kill More Than 11,400 Sharks EVERY HOUR

A recent paper published by the scientific journal Marine Policy estimated that 100 million sharks are killed per year (the paper said the number could be as high as 270 million). If you’re wondering, sharks kill about 12 people per year.

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