World’s Last Remaining Tigers Live Under Severe Threat of Extinction

GR: Our grandchildren will probably see the last of the wild apes, elephants, giraffes, lions, and tigers. We humans are eliminating Earth’s wild animals. Though some of us might feel remorse, most of us are more concerned with our daily routine: struggling to acquire wealth, satisfying desires, interacting with family and friends, and shopping at Amazon and Walmart (our leaders are like the rest of us except they wouldn’t be caught dead in Walmart). Last week there was a teacup storm over the raw truth of climate change. The true disaster is the careless and relentless destruction of nature in which human-caused climate change joins farming, fishing, hunting, dumping, and urbanization as an instrument of nature’s destruction. Can anything stop the human juggernaut’s inexorable destruction of nature? It appears that, like an avalanche, it will continue until all human potential is gone. Sad.

“The world’s last remaining tigers are living under severe threat of extinction, having lost 93 percent of their historical range and suffered a population crash of 95 percent during the past century.

“The major threat to their continued existence on Earth is poaching to meet the high demand in Asia for their parts and derivatives.

“This demand is exacerbated by the legal trade in lion bone, so it was with dismay that the Environmental Investigation Agency witnessed the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) 17th Conference of the Parties last year decide to allow South Africa to export up to 800 lion skeletons a year—as long as the lions were sourced from captive breeding facilities in South Africa.

“Ahead of next week’s 29th meeting of the CITES Animals Committee, in Geneva, Switzerland, the Environmental Investigation Agency has produced the detailed briefing The Lion’s Share: South Africa’s trade exacerbates demand for tiger parts and derivatives outlining the threat.” –Environmental Investigation Agency (Continue: World’s Last Remaining Tigers Live Under Severe Threat of Extinction.)

My Letter to Senator Baldwin and a Message To Anti-Willdife Democrats

Originally posted on Our Wisconsin, Our Wildlife:
Last week the Wilderness Act and wildlife partially dogged a bullet when the disgusting “Bipartisan Sportsmen’s Act” was voted down in the United States Senate.

Senator Baldwin, I am writing this letter to express my extreme and continued disappointment with your decision to vote for the so-called Bipartisan Sportsmen’s Act (S. 2363). This vote, and your support of the 2012 delisting of the gray wolf in the Great Lakes states, have lead many of us to either withhold or withdraw our support for you and the Democratic Party. More….

Stop the Grizzly Bear Hunt in British Columbia, Canada

Grizzly Bear Trophy Hunting

The Petition

People come to BC to hunt the grizzly bears on the estuaries where they are feeding, this is not sport. They shoot the eating bears from boats, take a paw or two and the head and leave the rest to rot on the estuary. Grizzly bears are already threatened in BC. The First nations People are against this hunt, the majority of the people in the province are against this hunt but the BC Liberal Government headed by Christie Clarke refuses to deal with the issue. The Guide and Outfitters Association of BC, the B.C. Wildlife Federation, Ducks Unlimited and the Canadian Wildlife Federation are in …


GR:  Large animal species are dwindling everywhere.  Wildlife biologists say that these species are necessary for healthy ecosystems.  Please take a stand for nature and petition for Grizzly Bear protection.

Director : Daniel M. Ashe: USFWS.: Ban Endangered African Animal Trophy Imports From Namibia.

Stop Corey Knowlton now! Sign the petition to the Fish and Wildlife Service.  Corey Knowlton has been granted permission for the hunt by Namibia ; United States Fish and Wildlife Service permit to import the black rhino is pending.
Only 1,750 black rhinos remain in Namibia. The world is horrified! You might remember when the deal was done at Dallas Safari Club.  Well, it is moving along.
Corey Knowlton, has killed 120 rare animals in the last 10 years , and he paid $350 thousand dollars for the rights to kill the black rhino.  His goal is to provide entertainment.  Read more from:

GR:  The same thing goes on here in the U. S.  This year the Arizona Game and Fish Department had to advertize to sell all the hunting permits it needed to sell.  Some of those permits are for animals that are doomed by approaching development.  They are going to become extinct anyway, so why not let hunters pay to kill a few.  The Department needs the money.

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