What the American Diet says about its Culture

soy burgerLately I’ve learned that I can’t tell the difference between a soy burger and a cow burger. The soy burger lavor and texture are fine. Follow Robert Vella’s suggestions, and add some black soy beans to produce a complete meal with lots of protein and fiber.

The Secular Jurist

By Robert A. Vella

If we are what we eat, as the old adage proclaims, then what does the American diet say about its culture? Before delving into this, let’s state for the record that the U.S. is a large nation with many diverse regions and subcultures. What people eat in rural Georgia, for example, can be quite different from an affluent city such as San Francisco. However, there is a larger American culture which transcends these differences and its cuisine is unmistakably unique compared with the rest of the world.

Consider the burger, or its original moniker – the hamburger. The idea of a ground beef patty sandwiched in a bun is so ubiquitous that virtually all types of food establishments serve them. The manager of my local Chinese restaurant revealed once that he sold nearly as many burgers as he did specialty items. You can get…

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Teacher uses vegan food truck to promote animal rights

A business model geared toward animal rights allows Lansing native Alison Eichhorn to become a voice for shelter animals in the Calumet Region.

“I have been a vegetarian since the age of 13 and a vegan for the past five or so years. I have a passion for cooking great vegan food and a desire to show people that you don’t need to kill or hurt animals to have delicious food,” Eichhorn said.

Source: www.nwitimes.com

Holiday Gravy

GR:  This is my choice for this year’s tofu turkey.

Browning the vegetables before making the gravy stock is what sets this rich sauce apart. And, just as good, the gravy can be made ahead of time. Double the recipe if you’ve got a gravy-loving crowd.

Source: www.vegetariantimes.com


James Cameron: Only Veganism Can Save Us Now

Leadership from Outside Government

“James and Suzy Amis Cameron, the provocative power couple behind the first all-vegan school and countless successful films, are now reported by CNN to be promoting a plant-based diet as the cure for our environmental ills.

“The two tout the benefits of a vegan diet as far less wasteful than the standard, meat-heavy American diet. Additionally, they say, plant-based eating contributes significantly less to the greenhouse gas emissions that are wreaking environmental havoc.

“As Cameron explains: “Sixty percent or more of the crops we grow go to feed animals, which is very, very inefficient.” He has hope for positive change, however, confidently asserting that if enough people adopted a plant-based diet, we could “turn down the heat on this planet very quickly.”

Source: www.mfablog.org

GR:  This is a good example of leadership from outside government.  It would be great if the couple promoted family planning as well.