#EcoSciFi and #EcoSyFy–Hashtags for Science Fiction with an Ecology Theme

#EcoSciFi and #EcoSyFy, Science Fiction Hashtags for Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter

#GarryRogersAll of my recent writing reflects my concerns for wildlife, natural vegetation, and nature conservation.  My debut novel, Corr Syl the Warrior, the sequel, Corr Syl the Terrible, have nature conservation themes, and so do others in the pipeline.  Writers often express their concern for nature in their novels.  Ant Hill:  A Novel by Edward O. Wilson is a recent example.

Writers and reviewers sometimes refer to books with a nature conservation theme as Eco Fiction with or without a space or a hyphen.  The term seems perfectly appropriate for books like Ant Hill, and Edward Abbey’s Monkey Wrench Gang.  The term is also applied to speculative fiction such as Frank Herbert’s Dune and The Green Brain.  A lifelong fan of science fiction, I have always been fond of such stories.  To help distinguish them, I am introducing the hashtag #EcoSciFi.  I haven’t seen this hashtag anywhere yet, but it seems like a useful term, at least for readers who like science fiction and have interests in conservation.  Adding the #EcoSciFi tag will help identify Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter references to books and stories that fit within this sub-genre.  I prefer it to #EcoSyFy and #CliFi, but those are valid variations.

Thank you.


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