CorrSyl the Warrior Giveaway on LibraryThing Ended

CorrSyl Winners on LibraryThing

#CorrSyl the Warrior CoverTwenty-one paperback copies of Corr Syl the Warrior ship to LibraryThing winners this week.  My thanks to all who participated.

Note to readers:

When you begin this book, you enter the world of the Tsaeb (pronounced with a silent ‘T’, long ‘a‘, and silent ‘e‘  ‘Sabe).  The Tsaeb civilization appeared on Earth more than 30 million years ago.  It is the latest stage in the social evolution of Earth’s intelligent creatures.  On the Earth of the Tsaeb, intelligence is a trait shared by all animals.  Many things that we humans might find strange are commonplace among the Tsaeb.  But in some things the Tsaeb are not strange at all.  They revere humor, appreciate beauty, friendship and truth, and they fall in love.


The hero in this story, Corr Syl (pronounced as in apple ‘core‘ and ‘sill‘ as in door sill) is descended from rabbits.  Though his ears are small and his body form is bipedal with rotatable shoulders and complex hands, Corr’s original species is obvious to other Tsaeb because of his gray fur, auburn eyes, and the placement of his long whiskers.  Corr would like to be a comedian, but he can’t get the timing right.  He is falling in love with another rabbit warrior, but she isn’t interested.  Now that he has completed the difficult and lengthy training to become a warrior, Corr would like to take a nice long trip.  But his district council has other plans for him.

Reviewer comments:

Out for only six weeks, the book hasn’t received many reviews.  These quotes are from the most detailed of the reviews seen so far:

Recipient of the Kirkus Star awarded to books of exceptional merit.  “A beautifully written YA novel that will captivate environmentalists and sci-fi fans of all ages.”—Kirkus Reviews (starred review)—June 2013.

Four star Amazon review by Redsand (U. S.)  “This novel contains irony, tongue-in-cheek humor, adventure, and a moral theme that left me with a new respect for what animals might be thinking (and doing).  It’s science fiction in the way that Kurt Vonnegut’s work was sci-fi.  It’s almost too literary to be classed in a genre ….”  —July, 2013.

 —Four-star Amazon review by Chettsgeni (Scotland).  “Part two was where the book really captured my interest with a very interesting and creative choice of villain.  I was hooked at this point and the story started to fall into place for me.  I started to notice a hint of humour in places and I found myself not wanting to put the book down.”  —July, 2013.

Use the comment field below if you have questions, or tweet to @Garry_Rogers.  Searching the hashtags #CorrSyl and #EcoSciFi will guide you to other comments about the book.

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