Coldwater Farm Wildlife Update

Coldwater Farm Update for Spring 2014

This morning I saw the first Monarch Butterfly (Danaus plexippus) of the year.  It was flying alone and did not stop to let me take a photo.  Conservation status uncertain.

Sonora Mud TurtleThis week two Sonora Mud Turtles (Kinosternon sonoriense) began sunning on a small branch in my pond.  I thought I saw these turtles in the pond several years ago, but only this year have I had a chance to take photos.  Conservation status=S4, Apparently secure, possible long-term concern (Arizona Game and Fish Department–AZGFD).

1-IMG_0431-001In March, a pair of Common Black hawks (Buteogallus anthracinus) reoccupied their nest in a Cottonwood tree by the river.  Now I get a whistled scolding when I go down to feed the nesting ducks.  Conservation status=S3, Vulnerable (AZGFD).


1-Birds-0114For their 16th year, the Red-tailed Hawks (Buteo jamaicensis) have occupied the tall tree on the edge of the Cow pasture, and two others have occupied the old nest on Green Gulch.  I will have to watch my Gopher population closely.  Conservation status=S5, secure (AZGFD).

Summer Tanagers (Piranga rubra) appeared yesterday.  It seems too early, but here they are.  Conservation status=S4, Apparently secure, possible long-term concern (AZGFD).

Four Mule Deer (two doe and two yearlings) (Odocoileus hemionus) have been browsing around the house.  One of the yearlings might be the one born here last year.  Conservation status=S5, secure (AZGFD).

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