The King’s Decree of 7-28-14, “Regarding the United States Navy and the destruction of Hawai’i’s marine environment”

This letter (decree/edict) was written by Ali’i Nui Mō`ī Edmund K. Silva, Jr. Selected highlights are below (bolding is the King’s).

“…the U.S. government has no spiritual or ancestral ties to these islands, as myself and my people do, they have raped and pillaged these lands and our oceans with absolutely no regard for the effect such heinous actions will have on our future generations. This abhorrent behavior will no longer be tolerated, as the Kingdom cares deeply for the land, the oceans, and all walks of life, both human and animal, which inhabit this archipelago.

“The governments of the world continue to operate within 2nd and 3rd dimensional thinking, and continue to destroy our world with stupid conflicts created by man… It is difficult to find words to adequately characterize the the behavior of the United States foreign military forces now using Hawaiian waters for their war games, with little to no regard for the destruction such behavior is causing to our delicate ecosystem and marine life. A dead whale washing up on the beach, turtles with their legs blown off, and coral reefs reduced to rubble, – the horror continues.

“We have known about the effects of high energy sonar on Whales and other marine life for years. It was fifteen years ago that whale watch boat captains and shore observers documented that the Whales had fled from the U.S. Navy low frequency sonar testing area off the Island of Hawai’i. The Navy has been killing or injuring Whales and other marine life for decades while issuing one denial after another.

“These are not respectful people. They have no respect for the creatures living in the ocean. They have no respect for the future of the oceans. They have no respect for life. They only worship their imperial goals and the death that accompanies pursuit of those goals.

As Sovereign of this Nation, I therefore issue the following edict: ‘RIMPAC 2014 is the last time foreign armies will be allowed to abuse the Hawaiian environment.

“Of particular concern is the use of high-powered sonar at low, middle, and high frequencies. The history of such sonars killing or harming marine life, especially Whales, is sufficient to conclude they cannot be used safely…. Such sonars are now banned from all Hawaiian waters.

Therefore, in conclusion, I am not directing but ordering you to cease and desist in your war games, for it is my kuleana and sacred duty to protect this Sovereign Nation and all its resources. The ocean is our source of life and your activities are not welcomed. The Kingdom of Hawai’i is a non-aligned nation and has no use for your Military campaigns and war games. You are to cease and desist in your activities immediately.

“I am sending this letter to Governor Abercrombie and the Trustees of OHA because they have failed miserably in their duties to protect the Hawaiian ‘aina from the destructive actions of the occupying nation.”



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