Australia aims to end extinction of native wildlife by 2020

Australia’s Environment Minister Greg Hunt has pledged to end the extinction of native mammal species by 2020, with a focus on culprits such as feral cats.


GR:  Invasive species, including feral species, are the second greatest short-term reasons for extinction.  Even if we removed them all, extinctions would still occur.  Habitat loss to human development is the greatest short-term reason.  Development in the form of construction and resource harvest (agriculture, grazing, logging, and mining) is steadily eliminating the natural habitats required by native wildlife.

It makes sense to begin repairing our conservation efforts by controlling short-term reasons for extinction.  However, we must also control the long-term human impacts (climate change, toxic wastes, and more) if we seriously intend to stop extinction.

Ending wildlife extinctions in just six years will be difficult.  Growth and development have taken control of the Australian government, and these twin powers are not concerned with biodiversity.  Here’s a current illustration of the problem.


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