Westerners want to save the sage-grouse (and so do I) – Defenders of Wildlife Blog

In the West we still have a chance to conserve sage-grouse, the Sagebrush Sea and all its inhabitants.

“A new poll conducted by Tulchin Research for Defenders of Wildlife found that the majority of voters in western states want to see sage-grouse protected, even if that means listing the bird under the Endangered Species Act (ESA). Add to that one New Jerseyan. I didn’t know what a sage-grouse was before I began working for Defenders of Wildlife. Now I consider myself, like the majority of westerners, an advocate for their protection.

“Sage-grouse are a special bird. They have a long and storied history in our country and are an iconic ambassador of a quintessentially western landscape, the Sagebrush Sea. Today, greater sage-grouse range has been reduced by nearly half and populations have declined by up to 90 percent.”

Source: www.defendersblog.org

GR:  Beautiful birds.  In the western U. S., saving any part of nature is a struggle.  During the past century of human occupation, the sagebrush landscape has taken a severe beating.  Invasive plants and relentless livestock grazing have destroyed much of the original vegetation.  Saving the sage-grouse is a battle that, if it is won, will save some of the native plants and animals that create the magnetic charm of the sagebrush sea’s quiet solitude.


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