Climate Change 2014: What Do We Do Now?

We must not just reduce carbon emissions; we must also remove pollution already in the atmosphere.


GR:  The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) says that we are past the point where cutting CO2 emissions is all we need to worry about.  Now we must somehow pull the CO2 out of the air.  And we need to act fast.

This article by Bruce Melton, Truthout, covers several additional critical elements of human-caused global climate change:  Importance of short-term cooling pollutants, dangers of natural gas, possibility of abrupt climate change, and the costs of removing CO2 from the air.  Very important reading if you want to know the tactics needed for our battle with climate change.  Please comment if you know of any progress on CO2 removal.

4 thoughts on “Climate Change 2014: What Do We Do Now?

  1. If we humans have proved one thing about our environmental stewardship, it’s our gross irresponsibility. That’s why I’m quite skeptical about geoengineering proposals to remove CO2 from the atmosphere. If it could be done by restoring natural processes, such as mass reforestation, that would be acceptable. But, we all know such simple well-understood solutions would be rejected because establishment interests couldn’t exploit it for profit.

    As stated, climate change has already passed a critical point. Humankind has only one practical option remaining – to rapidly transition its energy needs away from fossil fuels towards solar/wind/renewables, and hope that Earth’s climate recovers in time to avoid a catastrophic collapse of modern civilization. Additionally, adaptive measures could be viable like Dennis Bushnell’s proposal to grow Halophytes (i.e. salt-tolerant plants) in desert wastelands using seawater.

    My guess is that the greed and megalomania now rampant in our socioeconomic institutions will prevent this kind of energy transition. Therefore, I believe a collapse is inevitable.

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  2. Reblogged this on Voices and Visions and commented:
    The original article is long, complicated, and very clarifying. To draw an analogy, if we want to reduce litter along the roadsides, it is not enough to reduce the amount of litter that we toss out of our car window, by one percent, ten percent, or any percent. Instead we need to go, in organized patrols, along the roadsides and pick up the litter that is already there, as well as stopping the habit of tossing out litter. The same is also true, by the way, of trash in the ocean, trash in outer space, and trash on the moon…

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