Scientists: Human activity exceeding Earth’s limits

January 15 at 10:14 PM

“At the rate things are going, the Earth in the coming decades could cease to be a “safe operating space” for human beings. That is the conclusion of a new paper published Thursday in the journal Science by 18 researchers trying to gauge the breaking points in the natural world.

“The paper contends that we have already crossed four “planetary boundaries.” They are the extinction rate; deforestation; the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere; and the flow of nitrogen and phosphorous (used on land as fertilizer) into the ocean.”

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2 thoughts on “Scientists: Human activity exceeding Earth’s limits

  1. Just how many clues do we really need?
    Isn’t anyone with authority listening?
    Can’t they use their authority to do something about it?
    Or do people with strong agendas have the ears of those in authority?

    The politicians of this world need to move and, move fast and move NOW before it’s too late. (assuming it’s not too late already).

    If our politicians continue to be ineffective, then we are doomed to the scenario depicted in this cartoon . . . .



  2. Hi Mick,
    Thanks for the cartoon. These days, the term politics encompasses the struggle for wealth and power. A few years ago, Mark Rosenman wrote: “By catering to the avarice of some of the wealthiest Americans, many members of Congress reflect their own greed — to get and hold power they are willing to serve private interests over public ones.” (2011. Huffington Post). Seen from another world, our politicians must appear as children competing for marbles in a schoolyard.
    Feeling fed up today.



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