Now on Sale: “Corr Syl the Terrible” A #ScienceFiction Novella

Corr Syl the Terrible, My #SciFi Novella Is Available Now

Terrible Facebook-coverThis science fiction story for teens and adults follows Corr Syl’s struggle to rescue Rhya Bright who has been kidnapped by Ya Zhōu, a brilliant Human and ruthless dictator.  Corr Syl the Terrible is on sale at for $2.99.  Buy it on Amazon from any country.

Corr has discovered he hates killing and is brooding about his future as a farmer or librarian when he learns that someone has kidnapped his true love, Rhya Bright. Ya Zhōu, seeking to remove threats to his power, uses Rhya as bait to draw Corr into a trap. But when Corr captures his would-be assassins and Rhya overcomes a room full of guards and almost escapes, Zhōu realizes he is the one in danger and flees with Rhya, leaving false trails and traps in his wake. Dodging bombs, missiles, and jet fighters, Corr follows Rhya and Zhōu to a fortress inside a dead volcano where the final trap awaits.

This science-fiction novella takes place on an Earth where all animals are intelligent. Since they are older than the Human species, most animal species have evolved far beyond Human abilities. They have learned to heal their bodies, adapt their shape, and live in harmony with nature. They call themselves Tsaeb (silent T, long a).

Zhōu has Rhya taken away in a helicopter. Desperate to follow, Corr borrows an ancient warcraft from a museum. Z99, as the ship introduces itself, is sentient and constructed with technology based on the physics of dark matter and quantum relationships. The ship proves an invaluable asset as Corr’s journey takes him to Xi’ou, the capital of the Taoso nation. Though ostensibly ruled by the Emperor, the nation’s true power lies in the hands of Ya Zhōu, the Human Minister who commands a network of assassins and spies.

Though he began his mission alone, Corr meets unexpected allies like the young Cai family, who want to see Ya Zhōu deposed for the return of true peace and freedom. When Corr tracks Rhya to Zhōu’s secret headquarters hidden inside a volcano, he realizes at last that he cannot save Rhya. He calls for help from his former battle group, including his best friend, the wise and beautiful Allysen Olykden. Together, the warriors descend into the heart of the volcano, determined to save Rhya. Corr Syl the Terrible is the riveting tale of a young warrior’s journey to become something more than the swords on his back.

Author’s Note:  Corr Syl the Terrible completes the introduction to the Tsaeb civilization that began with the #ScienceFiction novel Corr Syl the Warrior. The story adds details to the nature of Tsaeb warriors, and it shows how changing your mind can transform weakness into strength. In this story, the change alters the future of the Earth itself.

Available NowBuy from Amazon Orange

Corr Syl the Terrible (print: $12.95, eBook: $2.99).  Both formats are available online from Amazon.  The print edition is also available from Barnes & Noble, CreateSpace, and neighborhood bookstores.

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