Corr Syl the Terrible – Chapter 2 Reading by actor Geoff Mays

Terrible Facebook-coverEcoSciFi for Teens

Chapter 2 read by actor Geoff Mays.

From the author interview:  “This book will interest anyone who reads for entertainment and who is facing, or who remembers facing the challenges of growing up and finding one’s purpose in life. Sometimes, the big decisions we make don’t work out. Things aren’t what we thought they were. The principal character in this book, Corr Syl, thought he knew what he wanted to be, and he trained thirteen years to become a warrior. Then in the first year on the job, he learned that killing, which is, of course, a normal part of a warrior’s job, was something he didn’t like, something he really didn’t like. So, what do you do? In this story, Corr finds a solution that turns his problem into a purpose, a grand challenge to which he can happily dedicate himself.”

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Terrible Facebook-coverThis science fiction novella tells how Corr Syl fights to rescue his dear friend Rhya Bright.

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The Tsaeb (silent T, long a) warrior Corr Syl has discovered he hates killing and is brooding about his future when he learns that someone has kidnapped his friend and secret love, Rhya Bright. Ya Zhōu, seeking to remove threats to his power, uses Rhya as bait, unaware of the superior abilities of Tsaeb warriors. But when Corr captures his would-be assassins and Rhya overcomes a room full of guards and almost escapes, Zhōu realizes his mistake and flees with Rhya, leaving false trails and traps in his wake. Corr pursues in a mysterious old warship he borrows from a museum. Dodging bombs, missiles, and jet fighters, Corr follows Rhya and Zhōu to a fortress inside a dead volcano where the final trap awaits.

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Warrior on Sale Today

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Corr Syl the Warrior is the first book in the #EcoSciFi series about the Tsaeb, smart descendents of Earth’s many animal species.  The Tsaeb love humor, but they also live by lofty ideals, and stand ever ready to defend the Earth from enemies of equity and harmony.

FaceBook Cover Warrior“A beautifully written YA novel that will captivate environmentalists and sci-fi fans of all ages.”—Kirkus Reviews (starred review)

This book is about the battle rabbit Corr Syl. As it begins, Corr’s plans for a nice long vacation are interrupted by the appearance of a beautiful young warrior trainee, Rhya Bright. As Corr sticks around striving for Rhya’s attention, the District Council calls on him for one task after another. Corr grudgingly does as the Council asks while he works on Rhya and focuses on his personal goal to become a comedian. In a society filled with comedians, Corr Syl can’t get a laugh. You’ll see why. Eventually, he discovers that his one-liners tear Humans up, and Rhya quietly wonders if he will put down his weapons and become a comic in Human nightclubs. Conflicts between Humans and Tsaeb build throughout the story, but Corr only loses sight of his personal goal when he is faced with a District Council request to execute a dangerous murderer. The murderer happens to be his first childhood friend.

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One Hundred Thousand Best Science Fiction Novels Ever Written

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