Time to Think — Tomorrow is National Trails Day

Frisco resident Leigh Wadden hikes along a trail in the Eagles Nest Wilderness in the Gore Range, part of the White River National Forest in Colorado.

Sourced through Scoop.it from: summitcountyvoice.com

GR:  Please don’t disturb the wildlife.  Now is the time to stand guard over wild habitats, not tromp through them.  Wild animals are struggling and dying.  Every bit of stress they must endure from our presence reduces their chances for reproduction and survival.  Visit wild habitats after we have reversed the great biodiversity decline.

2 thoughts on “Time to Think — Tomorrow is National Trails Day

  1. Back when people were few and wild animals abundant, hiking was a wonderful experience. It still is, but now that huge numbers of wild animals are disappearing, we need to rethink our responsibilities. Now we must become more protective and stop thinking of nature as a source of amusement.



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